Accountability Helps Get Shit Done!

Accountability is something that is needed in everybody’s life when we are wanting to achieve something. Procrastination sets in and we find ourselves doing any silly little unimportant job that will keep us from doing what we are really supposed to be doing.

Why do we do this? FEAR! That’s why!

Fear that what you are creating isn’t good enough, or worrying that if you place what you have created in the world it will fail. Success is NOT easy and if anybody tells you it is then they are either lying or just in pure denial!

Success is the reward of hard work, dedication, much failure to know what succeeds, and mastering the art of building a strong brand around your core message and purpose.

It takes long hours, a strong will and mindset change to make it happen. Having a coach to light that candle under your ass to get you back on track can be the ticket that you need to make that idea become reality.

We can all stumble off track from time to time, and sometimes just reading one quote, or one post on social media can give you the boost for the day to stop feeling sorry for yourself and get your ass back into action. It could be just one sentence you read that could kick your procrastination in the pants and focus on you moving forward to what REALLY matters.

Along my journey I had so many slam dunks back down to reality and told to quit my excuses and take 100% responsibility for my own life and results…. Which I did! Hence today, the reason why I am where I am. So, after many people thanking me so much for the butt-kicking posts I place out to the world each day on Facebook. I thought why not place them in a small pocket book?

So I did! I published a personal pocket-sized kick in the booty book called The Missing Piece in Positivity. I look forward to publishing more of these little buttkicking books in the future to help others. This way you can carry me around all day, leave me on your desk, or simply pull me out the glove compartment when you need a good old kick in the pants to get your butt moving in the right direction.

However, the main reason for this blog today is to really make YOU think about the accountability in your life. How much accountability do you have in place to keep you in check? What have you in place to stop you procrastinating from what should be done? What could you place in you life right now to make sure you get shit done?

As we move towards the 2nd month in 2018 it’s worth considering, right?

Short but sweet,

Much Love & Appreciation,


Kate Batten
18 x International Best-Selling Author/Publishing Specialist &

Publisher of The Missing Piece Book Series.

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  1. Elise Ho
    Elise Ho says:

    I believe that accountability can really help to push you along in a big way. Plus it is always fun to bounce ideas off of another person, especially when they are so interested in your success.


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