Less Patient You Are, the Longer it Takes to Succeed

Patience, something that the world needs more of, or should I say a skill us human beings need to learn to have more of. The more impatient you are about something succeeding in your industry the longer you will have to wait to receive it.

By being impatient with the results you so desperately want will only reward you with zero results at all. Learning to accept what you have already and love and appreciate everything that you have today will expand and bring you more. To have a mindset of “I don’t care if it takes 20, 30, 40, 50+ plus to make my dream come true I WILL make it happen, but right now in this moment I am having a blast doing it”.

One of my own desires to grow my Missing Piece book series HUGE and continue to do so every year at 2 books, maximum 3. It’s taken me so far only 5 years to grow it to a 10 book best-seller series. Right now I am writing the 11th one. Am I in a rush? No, far from it. My end mission from all of this is to leave as many books possible with my thoughts, feelings and passion within the pages of as many books possible in my series to allow my grandchildren to fully know “who” their grandmother is, was and how she felt at each stage in her life. The added bonus is that if one book touches one life of a person I don’t know personally in this world, then I have more then left my mark upon the world, and left my legacy to my grandchildren.


Through my past successes, I have been that person that’s in a rush to run the race, being impatient and studied the spiritual principles behind it. I learned that I was the fool because only fools rush in and he who chases a fantasy has poverty awaiting them.

Patience is where it all comes in and it takes daily practice to be patient and to love right where you are right now. Once we compare ourselves with the world we condemn ourselves, which means the more impatient you are the further away from your dream you will become.

We are the creators of our own reality, and we push things further away from us because of our impatientness. Wouldn’t it be more awesome to gain successes without expecting them? All because we are so caught up in being happy and fulfilled where we are at?

I hope by reading this blog today you take away with you that patience is the key to success, not rushing to break your neck to make it happen.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, God Bless You!


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  1. Elise Ho
    Elise Ho says:

    I think this is the first post I have seen about how impatience can get in your way. When we are impatient we tend to rush, make mistakes and miss things. Fabulous post.


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