Let Go of the Guilt, You Deserve to be Paid!


Asking for payment can be so difficult when you are a new business owner. You feel guilty for asking for the money you have worked for and now asking the client to pay feels somewhat difficult and you feel guilty for taking the money from them.

Why do we feel like that? And how can we get around this so we feel better in the long run, and get paid on time? In this blog, I am going to really break down the feelings of that guilt and give you a few tips, plus some message guide templates that you can place in your messages/emails to clients if you need them.

Let’s start with the guilty feeling, why do we feel guilty when we ask for money?

All business owners feel nervous, anxious or not very confident of taking money from somebody at some stage in their lives. Especially if it’s a new program you are launching or you are a new coach on the scene. Yes, it can be nerve-wracking, but what you do need to consider is first writing your payment rules of what you will tolerate in business and what you won’t.

You really don’t want to come across to any potential client like a push over, so having them boundaries in place before you even take on your first client is going to lay the foundations of the service you provide. The guilty feeling is because you care and feel like you are taking away something from them and if you are hearing “I just can’t afford it” well this plays on your heart strings and you accept what they are saying to you.

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1) You MUST start believing in yourself that you are indeed worth every penny that your service delivers. You provide a service and if that person is not going to pay you up front or in a payment plan with the first payment up front, then they really cannot be so serious about wanting your service or needing the change you provide. Move on to the next person that is serious and will pay you and save yourself pulling your hair out.

2) Pre-write all your “asking for payment” messages and emails and keep them in a word document so you can just copy and paste and send. If you are new to all of this online business stuff, then this will keep your doubt and guilt from winning. Create a emails/messages that are planned ahead of time, so it beats the guilt and becomes so easy without a 2nd thought of sending them.

What if you have no clue what to write in the first place?

1) There is many ways to communicate, the right way, and the wrong way. By doing it the right way, it’s more effective and will get the outcome you want.

2) Here are some templates to copy and paste and keep for yourself (YES! Really, take them!)

Template one:
Good morning (name of person), I hope you are very well this morning, thank you so much for placing your trust in me to help you with (whatever solution you give) I am so excited to get started with you. Please do let me know your email address to send out my invoice. I really look forward to our future journey together.

Have an amazing rest of your day!

Template Two:
Good morning (name of person),
I hope you are very well today, I am so looking forward to getting started with our project. So that we can start to move forward and make the magic in your life happen, please do let me know your email address to send out my invoice. I really look forward to our future journey together.

Have an amazing rest of your day!

Take both these templates and tweak to your heart desires and keep them placed on a word document and use them time and time again.

Asking is a skill, which takes practice and like a muscle in our bodies we have to build that muscle over time so that it becomes strong. Along with this asking skill needs to come the belief that you truly are worth the service you provide.

Lastly, let’s tackle when clients don’t pay you and keep making excuses not to pay you on payment plans, now what do you do?

This goes back to start of this blog and your rules, boundaries and placing strong foundations down, to begin with, and placing them all in your terms and agreements on your website, or in your contracts.

Let the rules be known before you set out to work together, that you will add late payment fees of anything from $59.99+ after 7 days of the payment not being paid, then a late payment every 5 days after that and when it gets to 28 days still without payment, then it goes straight to collections and you no longer deal with it. A collection company chases down the payment for you with a high risk of that client developing a black mark on their credit score.

You went into business to provide a service, a solution and to help people. If people are unable to stick to your boundaries then there is a lack of appreciation there and you deserve better.

Stay strong, keep them feet of yours on the ground and know you are worth every penny you charge!

I hope this helps you today, have a wonderful Wednesday and make it your best day yet!

Much Love & Gratitude
Kate xx




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2 replies
  1. Elise Ho
    Elise Ho says:

    This struggle is real. I work with many clients who do not recognize their worth and give away bits and pieces of themselves (Is that why you name this blog “The Missing Piece”?)

    • Kate Batten
      Kate Batten says:

      Hey Elise, The Missing Piece is the name of my best-selling book series and brand name. There is always a missing piece that we are trying to find somewhere. 🙂 Thank you for commenting.


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