3 Reasons Why You Should Never Rush into Something!

The journey of entrepreneurship is exciting, adventurous and not for the faint-hearted. In order to be running a successful business, it takes a lot of planning, strategy and learning different skills along the way which are needed to enable you to release successful services and products into the public eye.

Yet, time and time again I see far too many business owners pulling their hair out, on the verge of quitting, making themselves sick with stress or making themselves completely broke and praying to God to send them an answer to their empty bank account.

I know whole too well because I use to be like that! Thank goodness I woke and learned why? This was happening to me and how I had to change my life in order to stop living day in day out stress and losing thousands of dollars chasing a fantasy that didn’t exist.

Here are 3 home truths about to build a successful online business, and how it really goes:

1. Hard work

This ain’t no summer holiday where you get too lazy around in the sun while others wait on you hand and foot. If you want to build your dream, leave a legacy or serve other’s with a passionate purpose, you better get ready to WORK! And I mean work hard to be rewarded for what you desire and that means showing up 100% and not doing things half-arsed. If you sow half-arsed seeds be prepared to grow a tree that is weak and produces half produced fruit.

There is no magic wand to wave to make everything you want to appear, you just have to be willing and prepared to work for it.


2. Patience

Be ready to be in for the long hall Y’all not just for a season! If you are wanting to build a legacy and have something that is known throughout the globe, then be prepared to WORK for it and be PATIENT with it. The only person who decides you are worthy of what you own is the powers way above your head, and if you have zero patience then expect that dream to move further away from you the more impatient you become.

3. Planning

Never, never, never rush into something without careful planning. “Those who chase fantasies will have their fill of poverty.” ~ Proverbs 28:19 which includes rushing in without thinking things through and chasing that lottery mentality will all add up to one big fall flat on your face.

Believe me, it freaking hurts! I have had that fall many of times in my 16 years of being a business owner until I learned it was me chasing carrots that were dangled in front of me that was to blame. Take a step back from any major decision and consider the overall effect it will have on you, your family and the balance of your life before you even agree to it. When you have gotten it past all of that, then consider how you are going to do it, what the launch and marketing plan is and how you will deliver to your highest level deliverance.

How strong are the foundations of the project? Do you have a contract or policies in place to protect yourself?

There is far more to take into consideration in any business adventure, but to have 3 short sharp principles delivered to you in a short post like this could help you not make the same mistakes as I did in the past.

I want the best for you and for you to succeed, so please take with you these 3 strong principles and keep a mental note that when fools rush in they fail and the fall isn’t pretty.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Here’s to your success!

Kate xx

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